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Tips on Being a Landlord

Know Your Numbers

Get Property Under an LLC

Get with a Realtor

Make Sure Your Property Looks Amazing

Vet Out Your Tenant

Draft a Lease Agreement

Hire a Property Management Company

Know Your Numbers


Home Warranty

Seller’s contribution towards buyer’s closing cost

Non-Realty Items

Tips to Negotiate Before Making an Offer as a Homebuyer

What is an Option Period for a Home Buyer?

What does an option period mean?

What is my time frame?

Do I move forward or back out from the deal?

Look at the square footage of the house & the lot

Look at the dimensions of each bedroom

Look at the school districts

Look at the property taxes & HOA fees

Drive around the neighborhood

Stay within your price range

How to Narrow Your List of Homes

How to Lease a Home in Texas

Have money saved

Show proof of income

Have a valid I.D.

Get a realtor

Start your home search

Fully complete lease application

Pay the application fee & deposit

Have money saved - Money is power

Talk to a lender

Get a realtor (The Surge Realty)

Make an offer

Option Period

Loan Process

Clear to close

How to Buy Your First Home