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Hello, I'm Edlin Santana

Licensed Real Estate Agent

I also speak Spanish 🇲🇽 & Portuguese 🇧🇷!

When I'm Not Selling A House I'm:


Working Out


Edlin Santana

My name is Edlin Santana, a Bilingual Real Estate Agent & Property Manager with Surge Realty. I was born, and raised in Orange County, California. With a degree in Criminal Justice, and Nursing, I moved to Houston, Texas in 2017 pursuing a job at the Texas Medical Center. I established myself, and worked for over 2 years alongside with Spinal, Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeons Doctors. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, I transitioned from a dedicated nursing career to a dynamic role in real estate. I carried with me the invaluable skills cultivated in healthcare skills that were not only technical but deeply rooted in understanding the unique needs and aspirations of individuals.

In the realm of real estate, I discovered a newfound passion not only for helping families or individuals who want to be first-time home buyers, and or Investors. I found a passion for helping Athletes navigate the intricacies of real estate transactions. This passion for representing athletes is not merely about closing deals, it’s about empowering them with knowledge. Athletes often face unique financial challenges, and my goal is to guide them toward smart investments that extend beyond their sports careers. Drawing on my nursing background, I approach this with a caring and educational mindset, ensuring that athletes are equipped with the information they need to make sound real estate decisions that align with their long-term financial goals.

I am driven by the belief that real estate is not just about property; it’s a powerful tool for wealth creation and financial security. I will continue to help families, and individuals reach not only their goals but also help them become homeowners.


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