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Hello, I'm Tony Styles

Licensed Real Estate Agent

When I'm Not Selling A House I'm:

Performing Dj Sets Around The Country


Tony Styles

Tony Styles is a household name in Houston, TX. After growing up in the Alief area and while earning a graduate degree in Advertising from the University of Houston, he began a 10-year career as an on-air personality and DJ with 104.1 KRBE. From then he went on to perform at, as well as coordinate a major music festival tour around the country between 2015 and 2020. Tony is a small business owner and has a passion for creating producing events, large and small. Tony Styles, the DJ, is one of the most decorated DJs in Texas with opening performances for acts ranging from Justin Bieber to Pitbull to Nas. From these experiences, he’s sharpened his skills in the art of interpersonal communication, which is vital to a successful real estate career.

Personalized service is a constant goal and Tony’s ability to work flexibly ensures his clients a controlled transaction in every deal brokered. His reputation speaks that of kindness and respect while incorporating professionalism in every encounter. His market knowledge is exceptional due to his native roots and he understands the importance of staying ahead of all market trends in Houston’s premier neighborhoods.

Tony enjoys spending time with his family, leisure traveling, and playing flag football.


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